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Always backup your files and database before doing anything.
  1. Copy Ixonn files to a new location or if you are moving to another server you can use cPanel to compress the file to .zip then upload and extract the zip file in your new server.
  2. Export Ixonn database (from phpmyadmin, see instructions below)
  3. In new location, go to application/config/app-config.php
  4. In app-config.php, change base URL to new URL and make sure database name, user and password are correct for the new location.
  5. Import the database (.sql) file from phpmyadmin into your new database.

Follow the steps mentioned below only if you are migrating to another domain, the following steps are to replace any old url used in the database with new.

After you finish first steps go to application/config/migration.php and

$config[‘migration_enabled’] = false;


$config[‘migration_enabled’] = true;

After you enable the migration you need to replace any links contained in the CRM with your old base url.

Go to http://yournewbaseurl.com/migration/make?old_base_url=http://myoldbaseurl.com/

Replace http://myoldbaseurl.com/ to your old base URL where Ixonn was installed. (the same as it was in application/app-config.php)

Total links replaced will be shown after success check. If is a new installation and don’t have a lot of data don’t get confused if total replaced links shown zero.

Don’t forget to turn back migration_enabled to false

That is all that needs to be done. If files copied correctly, the database was imported correctly and files were modified/checked correctly, Ixonn will now function on the new URL.

Cron Job Migration

When you are migrating to another domain or server you must migrate/re-configure the cron job too on your new server.

Click here to read more how to configure your cron job if you are not familiar with.

Also, if you are migrating to another server, make sure you remove the old cron job to prevent making 404 requests for no reason.

Webhooks migration

If you have configured any webhooks for Stripe, make sure you update the webhooks in Stripe dashboard to be compatible with your new domain name.

How to export the database from phpMyAdmin?

  • Login to cPanel and search through the cPanel tools, you will be able to find the tool phpMyAdmin.
  • Click on phpMyAdmin and a new window will be opened.
  • Select Ixonn installation database.

phpMyAdmin export database

Click on the on the top middle Export button shown in the navigation and then click Go.

Turn on debug mode

In case you are having problems or receiving 500 errors after the migration, you may want to turn debug mode so you can see the error messages that will help you easily to resolve the issue.

Click here to read how to turn debug mode.

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