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Finance Overview is showcase of all logged project timesheets together including project expenses.

  • Logged Hours – Shows total logged project hours Billable and Not Billable
  • Billable Hours – Shows total billable hours – All time
  • Billed Hours – Shows total invoiced hours.
  • Unbillable Hours – Shows total unbilled hours. Ex. Means that the project has 3 unbilled hours from the last project invoice (If any).
The total values are calculated based on the Billing Type

Example billing type Project Hours

finance overview billing hours

Project have logged total 3 hours and Rate per hours in project settings is set 40$ the calculation will go like this:

40$ x 3 = Total 120$

Example billing type Task Hours

The total per hour in this case is taken from the task Total Per Hour


Fix Firefox bug – Total per hour is 25$

Create new table in database – Total Per hour is 40$

Task 1 (Fix Firefox bug) have logged 1 hour and Task 2 (Create new table in database) have logged 2 hours.

The calculation goes like this:

25$ x 1 hours (Task 1 – Fix Firefox bug)

40$ x 2 hours (Task 2 – Create new table in database)

Equal to 105$

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