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Add Currencies in Total to Words Feature

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If you are using total to words in your transactions, you need to add the currency words manually into the translation.

Ixonn comes with 2 predefined currency names who are already added into the converter. If you added your own currency you need to add this also to total to words converter.

You need to add your currency database name and the currency string who will be output inside the invoice/estimate.

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In this example we will add British Pound to the converter.

Create a file with name my_functions_helper.php in application/helpers/ and add the following code:

function add_total_to_words_currency($currencies){

    $currencies[‘GBP’] = ‘British Pounds’;


    return $currencies;




Note that the GBP is the same as the name we have set up inside the CRM (showed in the image);

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