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Importing Data

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You can import leads, customers, and items into your Ixonn database via .csv file.

The process for this feature is the same for leads, customers, and items, only the fields are different.

For example, to import customers, navigate to Customers from the main menu and click Import Customers

All importable fields will be listed as a table including custom fields (if any) added at the end. This table is also a pointer of how your .csv data should look and you will need to reorder your fields from any good CSV editor.

You can download sample .csv file by clicking on the top button while you are in the import view DOWNLOAD SAMPLE.

The first line of your CSV file should be the column headers as in the table example. Also, make sure that your file is saved in UTF-8 to avoid unnecessary encoding problems.

When importing customers if any duplicate emails found won’t be imported.

To test this you can also simulate import by clicking on the button Simulate Import, in this case, no data will be inserted into the database only will be shown the messages, data and total rows which will be imported when you click Import without simulating the import. You can also test in the demo this feature before purchasing to check if it will fit your data.

It is not recommended to import .csv file with more than 500 rows inside. You should split the import process within multiple files

Common Issues

Not enough rows for importing

This an error showing Not enough rows for importing but there are enough rows in the .csv file.

Try using different software to generate the CSV files. You can try using Google Drive ( https://drive.google.com/ ) and export it as CSV file to see if this will solve the problem.

All rows imported in 1 field

The issue can happen if your .csv file is not properly formatted and you are using poorly designed .csv software to edit the file.

In most cases, this issue will be solved when you just open the file in a proper editor and re-save it with a comma separator.

Additionally, it’s recommended to download the sample file from Ixonn and open this file to be like guidance for your .csv file construction.

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