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Ixonn from version 1.8.0 supports various hot keys for the most important features to speed the working workflow with the CRM. The following hotkeys are only available for the admin area, hotkeys are not supported in the customers area.

Create New Records

  • Shift + C – Create New Customer
  • Shift + I – Create New Invoice
  • Shift + E – Create New Estimate
  • Ctrl+Shift+P – Create New proposal
  • Ctrl+Shift+E – Create New Expense
  • Shift+L – Create New Lead (opens the lead modal)
  • Shift+T – Create New Task (opens new task modal)
  • Shift+P – Create New Project
  • Shift+S – Create New Support Ticket
  • Ctrl+Shift+S – Create New Staff Member

Navigate To Specific Areas

  • Alt+D – Go To Dashboard
  • Alt+C – Go To Customers List
  • Alt+T – Go To Tasks List
  • Alt+I – Go To Invoices List
  • Alt+E – Go To Estimates List
  • Alt+P – Go To Projects List
  • Alt+L – Go To Leads List
  • Ctrl+Alt+T – Go To Tickets List
  • Ctrl+Alt+E – Go To Expenses List
  • Alt+R – Go To Sales Report
  • Alt+S – Go To Settings


  • Shift+K – Top search bar focus and ready for searching
  • Shift+D – Tables search focus and ready for searching (matches only first table found in the document)
  • Ctrl+Shift+L – Logout

Conditional hotkeys

  • Shift+F
    • Mark the current task as finished – Applicable only when task modal is opened
  • Shift+E
    • Edit current task – Applicable only when task modal is opened
    • Edit lead – Applicable only when the lead modal is opened
  • Shift+C
    • Convert a current lead to a customer – Applicable only when the lead modal is opened
    • Create new task comment – Applicable only when the task modal is opened
The hotkeys mentioned above are only tested on Windows OS


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