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Setup Realtime Notifications with Pusher.com

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From version 1.8.0 there is ability to setup real-time notifications with Pusher.com

This option is for real-time notifications, means that you won’t need to refresh the page in case there is a notification.

Before, when new notifications for a user was added you needed to refresh the page in order the notifications to be updated.

Now in this case the notification will be real time and will be shown immediately in the crm on the top right side.

First you need to register to Pusher.com website to use their services. Click here to register if you are not registered already.

Login to pusher.com with your account and click on the Your Apps menu item shown on the left side.

Pusher.com Your Apps

At the bottom there is new button Create New App, click to create new pusher.com app.

A popup window will be shown to create your new application.

  • App Name – eq Ixonn
  • Cluster – By default pusher.com will select your cluster, you can change it if its needed. You can read more here what is cluster: https://pusher.com/docs/clusters
  • What’s your frond-end tech? – Select jQuery as shown in the image below.
  • What’s your back-end tech? – Select PHP as shown in the image below

Click on Create my app at the bottom of the popup modal.

After the app is created click on the Overview tab, at the bottom you will be able to see your app keys which you need to add at Setup->Settings->Pusher.com in the Ixonn admin area.

On the left side of the image is shown the Pusher.com dashboard in the tab overview where you can get the app keys and on the right side is Ixonn settings area.

Add the keys to the corresponding fields.

  • app_id = APP ID field
  • key = APP Key field
  • secret = APP Secret field
  • cluster = Cluster field

After you add the keys set Enable Real Time Notifications to Yes and save setting.

That will be all when setting up Pusher.com real-time notifications with Ixonn.

Desktop Notifications

If you are using version 1.9.0 or above you can configure desktop notifications together with Pusher, keep in mind that desktop notifications require pusher configured in order to work properly.

After you configure pusher you will be able to enable the desktop notifications as shown in the image below.

Desktop Notifications with Pusher.com

Starting from September 2017 the application must run on SSL in order desktop notifications to work properly (browsers requires SSL).
Desktop notifications does not work in Incognito mode in Chrome browser

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