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  1. Configure Database

Login to cPanel and create a brand new database that will be used for Ixonn installation.

You can check this tutorial how to setup MySQL database in cPanel if you are not familiar with how to configure a database, if you are not using cPanel the best is to perform few researches how to create database via your active control panel.

  • Login to cPanel by accessing www.yourdomain.com/cpanel and navigate go MySQL Databases, note that this step may vary and in some hosting providers can be different.
  • Create database.
  • Create user and set up user password. (write down the username and the password because needs to be re-used later)
  • Add the user to the database by selecting the database and the username.
  • Make sure you have checked All privileges when adding the user to the database.
  1. Upload files to the server

Upload the files to server folder where Ixonn will be installed.

  1. Assume that you uploaded the files to “crm” folder, navigate to Eq. http://yourdomain.com/crm/install – Keep in mind that you need to adjust the URL based on where you uploaded the files. If you are installing on subdomain named eq crm you need to access the URL like http://crm.yourdomain.com/install.
  2. If all server requirements passed click Go to Files/Folders Permissions otherwise consult with your hosting provider to fix/enable them.
  3. If all permissions are passed click Setup Database otherwise you need to set 755 permissions for folders and 644 for files.
  4. Enter the database credentials you configured in step 1 (configure database).
  5. Click Check Database and if the database connection is successful you will be passed to the latest step otherwise please re-check your credentials and hostname. (usually, hostname is localhostbut you should check with your hosting provider)
  6. Re-check if the base URL is correct – Click here to read more about base URL.
  7. Enter your admin username and password that will be used for login.
  8. Select your timezone – Not recommended changing your timezone after you start using Ixonn.
  9. Click Install, if the installation is successful you will see the message Installation Successful.
  10. Delete the installation folder.
  1. After Installation Setup

Activate Modules

The default modules that come with the purchase are not activated after installation, if you need any of them, navigate to Setup->Modules to perform activation.

Base Currency

Navigate to Setup->Finance->Currencies – If your currency is not listed add your own currency. By default with the installation comes only EUR and USD currency.


Navigate to Setup->Settings->Localization to configure date format and language

Configure General Email

Setup SMTP Email by navigating to Setup->Settings->Email

Cron Job

Read more how to configure cron job by clicking here

  1. Optional Setup & Information
  • Customize email templates by navigating to Setup->Email Templates
  • Setup user roles by navigating to Setup->Roles
  • Create tax rates by navigating to Setup->Finance->Tax Rates
  • Create offline payment modes by navigating to Setup->Finance->Payment Modes
  • Predefined sales items – You can add items by navigating to Sales->Items
  • Country specific options – Read more here
  • If you are going to use the support system setup departments by navigating to Setup->Support->Departments
  • Additionally, you can take a look at all the option that Ixonn offer in Setup->Settings
  • Read more about security measures here
  • Looking for a way to quickly create or access features? Read about Ixonn hotkeys here
  • More info about contact permissions can be found here
  • More info about staff permissions can be found here

Troubleshooting & Help

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