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File Location

This is a general example how to modify the invoice PDF file, check on the bottom of this article for other PDF documents file locations.

Keep in mind that you will need more developer knowledge if you are looking to make big changes to the PDF design, if you don’t, you should consider hiring a developer to do this for you.

The invoice PDF template is located in application/views/themes/ixonn/views/invoicepdf.php. With Ixonn you have the ability to edit all the files located on application/views without editing the core files so in this case you won’t need to worry the updates except if any huge changes made in the files, check the link below for more information, in this case, your filename should be my_invoicepdf.php

Editing the Text and the Content of the PDF document.

You can customize the PDF Invoices add or remove some text changing your layout or images. Ixonn uses the TCPDF library for generating PDF documents. Here is the direct link to all functions available in the TCPDF library: https://tcpdf.org/docs/srcdoc/tcpdf/class-TCPDF/.

Additional examples you can find at the following link: https://tcpdf.org/examples/

Using this TCPDF Library you can edit the PDF templates. Note that you will need PHP knowledge to modify the file.

Adding a Custom PDF Logo

Probably you will have problems with PNG images with transparency that are handled in a different way depending on the php-imagick or php-gd version used. Try to update php-imagick and disable php-gd, if you leave this field blank the uploaded company logo will be used.

Go to Setup->Settings->PDF -> Custom PDF Company Logo URL. You can adjust your logo width also see picture below.

Items Table

If you need to customize the items tables (HTML and PDF), the best is to take a look in application/libraries/App_items_table.php

PDF Document Formats

You can find all PDF document formats in Setup->Settings->PDF->Document Formats.

Note that when you customize the PDF and you remove the ability to apply these options you won’t be able to see any changes while applying options from the settings area.

You can always adjust one template that fit for your needs based on your colours, font sizes etc. and use it for your own requirements.

PDF Font Family

When you first purchase Ixonn the PDF font freesans will be used.

This font is default because of support UTF-8. PDF files may be larger using this font if your company does not need UTF-8 support and your customers are not using any special characters in their data or in the language you are using you can change to font to Eq. Helvetica or try changing the font until it best fits for your requirements.

  • For Arabic characters use font: dejavusans or aealarabiya or aefurat

Changing the font is available from the settings at Setup->Settings->PDF

Changing Invoice/Estimate PDF Heading

If you need to change the heading on the right side (see images below for more info) for estimates and invoices you can overwrite the translation text by creating custom_lang.php, read more here.

Change Heading to Invoices

Language key: $lang[‘invoice_pdf_heading’] = ‘Invoice’;

Change heading to Estimates

Language key: $lang[‘estimate_pdf_heading’] = ‘Estimate’;

Additional options.

Also you can find more options in Setup->Settings->PDF. Check the pictures below.


PDF Language

  • If customer language is system default the default language will be used on PDF documents.
  • When you are in the admin area and system/staff language is e.q English and customer default language is Spanish the invoice will be still downloaded in English, if you want when you are in the admin area, to download the PDF documents in customers language, check Setup->Settings->Localization the option Output client PDF documents from admin area in client language

When the customer will view the invoice or download the invoice PDF from customers invoice preview area, he/she will be able to see the invoice into his default language.

Other PDF Templates

If u want to edit other pdf templates you can achieve this by editing the files, the process is the same as invoices.

  • Estimate PDF location: application/views/themes/ixonn/views/estimatepdf.php
  • Proposal PDF location: application/views/themes/ixonn/views/proposalpdf.php
  • Payment Receipt location: application/views/themes/ixonn/views/paymentpdf.php
  • Contract PDF location: application/views/themes/ixonn/views/contractpdf.php.
  • Statement PDF location: application/views/themes/ixonn/views/statementpdf.php (v1.8.0 required)
  • Credit Note PDF location: application/views/themes/ixonn/views/credit_note_pdf.php

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