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If you need to overwrite some translation text you can create your own custom language file.

This is used if you want to change some text in the main translation files which comes with Ixonn installation and prevent your changes to be overwritten during an update.

This is an example of the English language.

Navigate to application/language/english and create custom_lang.php file.

Add the following line at the top:


Copy the whole part and add it to custom_lang.php

$lang[‘home_stats_full_report’] = ‘Report’;

You can notice that is changed Report. Now Full Report will be displayed as Report

You can use the core language file located in application/language/english/english_lang.php and search for the language keys you want to change.

The full custom_lang.php will look like this:


$lang[‘home_stats_full_report’] = ‘Report’;


Language files in Ixonn use the UTF-8 encoding without a Byte Order Marker, when creating language override files it is important to maintain the same encoding.

Special Characters

If you want to use the ‘character in your translation text you have to replace it with \’


$lang[‘language_text_key’] = ‘Text with \’quotes’;


If you are using version 2.3.0 or above you can achieve this also for the modules language files if the module is using language files and have them registered.

The process is the same for the modules too, only the location is in modules/[module-name]/language/[language-to-overwrite]/custom_lang.php

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