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The modules documentation is valid starting from version 2.3.2

Ixonn version 2.3.0 comes with a built-in feature to create modules and integrate additional features into the core functionalities.

If you are eager to create modules for Ixonn to sell them on CodeCanyon or create your own features that you need for your requirements you are in the right place.

Modules are packages of code that extend the core functionality of Ixonn, by making your own module you are extending Ixonn or integrating brand new features.

The modules can consist of action hooks, filters, controllers, models, custom php classes/libraries, language files, views, this code base is already used in Ixonn.

What should you know before start creating modules? 

Maintaining Modules

It’s your responsibility to maintain the modules you will be creating when there will be Ixonn major changes and make them compatible with the latest version.

Ixonn is still a new modular application, in each update, we will try to enhance the code and make it more modular and for this reason, there will be breaking changes which you will need to adapt your modules to those breaking changes.

Modules Security

Ixonn is built with the Codeigniter PHP framework which we follow security practices in order to make Ixonn reliable.

When creating new modules, you must ensure that your modules are secure and use already existing functions and methods that exist in the Codeigniter PHP framework.

Selling modules on CodeCanyon

If you want to create modules and sell them as an author on CodeCanyon, you are free to do so, keep in mind that because of our Exclusivity agreement, you can ONLY sell the modules on CodeCanyon.

Selling Ixonn modules CodeCanyon means that you are responsible for setting the appropriate price of the module, the way you will present the module, offering support, ensuring that your module is compatible with latest version changes and your marketing strategy.

You can’t present us as a partner to you as an individual or company, publishing a module from your Envato account, means that you own all the copyright to the module and the code.

Under our own discretion, we may decide to market your module or recommend it to our customers.

Support for creating modules

We won’t offer you support for creating modules, if you are certain that something does not work right and it’s a bug, you can open a support ticket at https://ixonn-crm.ixonn.io/authentication/login and provide more information, we will be happy to take a look.

However, you should not expect on How To’s to create a specific feature, modules development is not included in support, try to figure on your own, or if you need any specific functions, you should explore the code.

Ok, that’s enough with introduction, let’s start developing some modules, read the module basics by clicking here.

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