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Disabling Customers Area

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If you want to disable the customers area, you can achieve this but adding a simple hook which is available for the customers area.

Method 1 (preferred)

In application/helpers create file with name my_functions_helper.php and add the following code:





function my_disable_customers_area(){

   header(‘HTTP/1.0 401 Unauthorized’);

   die(‘Access not allowed’);


Now nobody will be able to access in the client’s area.

Method 2

To achieve this you need to create your own view file.

Navigate to application/views/themes/ixonn/head.php and copy this file and rename it to my_head.php and on the top of this file (first line) add the code

<?php die(); ?>

Now, this my_head.php will be used not head.php so when updates will come this will won’t be replaced.
Or if you want to redirect somewhere you can add:

<?php redirect(‘http://yourdesireddomain.com/’); ?>

Disabling email templates

Additionally, if you don’t want your customer contacts to receive any emails from the CRM navigate to Setup->Email Templates and disable all the email templates you don’t need. In most email templates that are sent to the customer contacts the email template name will contain eq. (Sent to customer contacts)

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