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Date Format and Language

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Ixonn allows you to setup date format to fit for your country. The date format will be used all over the system including the customers area.

Navigate to Setup->Settings->Localization and choose the date format according to your requirements.

Available date formats:

  1. d-m-Y
  2. d/m/Y
  3. m-d-Y
  4. m.d.Y
  5. m/d/Y
  6. Y-m-d
  7. d.m.Y

In the same tab check if your language is available. If the language is not available you can translate on your own by following this step

Overwriting language strings

If you language is listed in the available Ixonn languages and some translations don’t fit for your needs you can easily overwrite by creating custom_lang.php file.

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