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If you want to change the client area look copy the existing main theme Ixonn located in application/views/themes/ and rename to your theme name, eq. flat

The next part is to copy the assets folder by going to root directory assets/themes/ and copy the Ixonn theme and rename the folder to eq. flat.

Go to admin area Setup->Settings->Customers and change the active customers theme to your newly created theme.

It’s not recommended to edit the original theme because of updates coming in the next releases and all your changes will be overridden.

After you applied the changes your folder structure for your new theme named eq. flat should be like this:

  • assets/themes/flat
  • application/views/themes/flat
When using your own theme, you will need to maintain the theme in each update and make compatible with the latest version.

Template files

Main files

  • head.php
  • footer.php
  • index.php
  • scripts.php

Available theme files

Here is a list of all available theme files located in application/views/themes/yourtheme/views/ (views):

  1. announcement.php – Single view announcement.
  2. announcements.php – List view announcements
  3. calendar.php – Customer calendar area
  4. company_profile.php – Company information
  5. contractpdf.php – Contract PDF template
  6. contracts.php – List view contracts
  7. estimatehtml.php – Estimate HTML template
  8. estimatepdf.php – Estimate PDF template
  9. files.php – Customer area for files to upload in the customer profile
  10. forgot_password.php – Customer forgot password template
  11. home.php – Customers dashboard after login
  12. invoicehtml.php – Invoice HTML template
  13. invoicepdf.php – Invoice PDF template
  14. invoices.php – List view invoices
  15. knowledge_base.php – All knowledge base articles
  16. knowledge_base_article.php – Single knowledge base article
  17. login.php – Contact login template
  18. open_ticket.php – New ticket open template
  19. paymentpdf.php – Payment Receipt PDF template
  20. profile.php – Logged in contact profile
  21. project.php – Single project
  22. proposalpdf.php – Proposal PDF template
  23. proposals.php – List view proposals
  24. register.php – Contact/Customer register template
  25. reset_password.php – Reset password template
  26. single_ticket.php – Contact view ticket template
  27. survey_view.php – Survey template
  28. tickets.php – List view tickets
  29. viewproposal.php – Proposal HTML template

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