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Ixonn supports various action hooks all over the code to give the buyers the best experience.

Create file with name my_functions_helper.php in application/helpers/. This file is reserved for all your functions.

TIP: If you need some action hook added anywhere in the code please let us know by opening support ticket.

Before adding any code in my_functions_helper.php, make sure that you set development mode in order to see any errors and functions/hooks deprecation warnings.

Version 2.3.0 and above.

hooks()->add_action($tag, $function_to_add, $priority = 10, $accepted_args = 1);

hooks()->add_filter($tag, $function_to_add, $priority = 10, $accepted_args = 1);

hooks()->do_action($tag, $arg = ”);

hooks()->apply_filters($tag, $value, $additionalParams);


The functions below are prior to version 2.3.0

Add Action Hook


Example action hook for after_client_added
Note: this code should be inside my_functions_helper.php mentioned earlier.

This is example where the actions do not expect to return $data.

 function callback_after_client_added_insert_to_local_database($id)


    $clientid = $id;

    // Do Staff with $clientid




Example action hook for before_client_added
This is example where the action expects to return $data

function callback_before_client_added_check_company($data)


      if($data[‘company’] == ‘Test’){

         $data[‘company’] = ”;



      return $data;





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